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What does the FFU laminar flow air supply unit consist of?

What does the FFU laminar flow air supply unit consist of?

    FFU laminar flow air supply unit is a commonly used air purification equipment, mainly used in laboratories, dust-free workshops, and other environments with strict air quality requirements. The air supply outlets of high-efficiency filters with fans, self-purifiers, laminar flow hoods, etc. that were commonly used in clean engineering in the past are all types of FFU. However, what is now called FFU is a purification unit equipment with a standard module size that can be combined according to the module to realize different levels of clean rooms such as level 1, level 10, and level 1000. At present, the commonly used modules at home and abroad are 920×615×350mm, 1175×575×350, and 1225×615×350. So, what does it consist of?

    FFU is also called a "fan filter unit", which means a fan and filter are combined to form a terminal purification device that can provide power by itself. FFU generally consists of the following four parts: fan, filter, purification box, and electrical control components.

    1 fan

    The small fan with high efficiency, low noise, high residual pressure, stable movement, and long life is the core equipment of FFU. It delivers filtered clean air into the room through a frontal air supply. FFU fans currently on the market can be divided into small fans with backward-inclined plate-shaped outer rotors or twisted blades, and small fans with forward-inclined multi-blade inner rotors. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Fan motors are divided into single-phase and three-phase multi-speed AC motors and DC motors. Generally speaking, DC motors are convenient for speed regulation and energy-saving but expensive, while AC motors have poor high-speed regulation performance. The general voltage used is 220V and 380V.

    2. Filter

    The filter includes a pre-filter at the FFU suction port and a high-efficiency filter (HEPA) or ultra-high-efficiency filter (ULPA) at the terminal. The core component of the FFU laminar air supply unit is a high-efficiency filter, and the filter material is usually glass fiber. It is best to use products with low resistance and high efficiency, which have good filtration effects and long service life. How to facilitate the replacement of high-efficiency filters is also a research topic.

    3. Purify the box

    In addition, the FFU laminar air supply unit also includes a purification box and control system. The purification box is a housing that installs the high-efficiency filter and the fan together, which can ensure the compact structure of the air supply unit and the sealing of the air duct. To achieve low noise of FFU, many manufacturers are conducting various forms of noise reduction and airflow distribution research in the casing to reduce internal resistance, increase residual pressure, and reduce noise.

    4. Electrical control components

    It is an important accessory to realize FFU automation, energy saving, and convenient maintenance and management. The intelligent management module of the entire air supply unit monitors air quality through sensors and adjusts air supply parameters in real-time to ensure the stable operation of the air supply unit.

    To sum up, the FFU laminar flow air supply unit is composed of high-efficiency filters, fans, purification boxes, and electrical control components. Its core principle is to purify and control air quality through filtration, air supply, and control, providing a clean and safe air supply for specific environments.