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How should HEPA box be selected according to clean room requirements?

How should HEPA box be selected according to clean room requirements?

    In today's modern life, the selection of efficient air supply vents has become increasingly important. Whether it is in a factory workshop, a clean room or a hospital operating room, choosing the right high-efficiency air supply vents can effectively improve the performance of the air conditioning system and enhance indoor comfort. So, how to select the type of efficient air supply vent?

    The high-efficiency air supply outlet includes a diffuser plate, a static pressure box, and a high-efficiency filter. The interface with the air duct can be a top or side connection. It is the key equipment to meet the purification requirements in the 1,000-level, 10,000-level, and 100,000-level purification air-conditioning systems. The following are some selection reference methods provided by Zhongjing Purification.

1. Type

    First of all, we need to consider the type of efficient air supply vent. Common high-efficiency air supply vents have different shapes such as square, circular, and linear. According to the size of the area that needs air supply and the air supply volume requirements, it is very important to choose an efficient air supply outlet with an appropriate shape. If the room is larger, consider using linear air supply vents, which can provide a more uniform air supply effect. For smaller rooms, square or round air vents are more suitable.

2. Material

    Secondly, the material of the efficient air supply vent is also a key factor in selection. High-quality materials can ensure the stability and durability of efficient air supply vents. Common materials include aluminum alloy, plastic, and stainless steel. Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance and is suitable for most indoor environments. Plastic products are relatively lightweight and suitable for places that require flexible installation. Stainless steel is more suitable for environments with high pollution or high humidity because it has better anti-corrosion properties.

3. Design

    In addition, the design of efficient air supply outlets is also very important. Properly designed air outlets can provide better air supply and comfort. For example, the outlet design of a high-efficiency air supply vent can affect the direction and speed of the air supply. In places such as factory workshops that require a strong air supply effect, you can choose a design with an adjustable air outlet to adjust the direction and speed of the air supply as needed. In addition, the air permeability of high-efficiency air supply outlets is also one of the factors to consider. Appropriate porosity can ensure a uniform air supply and no noise.

4. Installation location

    Finally, we also need to consider the installation location of efficient air supply vents. The location of efficient air supply vents should be determined based on the layout and usage needs of the room. Generally speaking, the layout of high-efficiency air supply outlets should avoid direct blowing to the human body as much as possible, and at the same time, the circulation of the entire indoor air should be taken into consideration. A suitable installation location can effectively avoid the problems of direct air conditioning and heat accumulation in dead corners, providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

(1) For places or tall spaces with large indoor heat dissipation, priority should be given to using lower air supply outlets with stable airflow.

(2) If there is a suspended ceiling, circular or square diffusers should be used according to the height of the air-conditioned area and the airflow requirements of the use site.

(3) When installing side-mounted replacement air supply vents, the height from the ground should be less than 0.8m; the outlet wind speed should not be greater than 0.2m/s for civil buildings and not greater than 0.5m/s for industrial buildings.

    To sum up, the selection of efficient air supply vents should comprehensively consider the type, material, design, and installation location of the air supply vents. A reasonable selection of air supply outlets can not only improve the performance of the air conditioning system but also provide a more comfortable and cozy indoor environment. In addition, high-efficiency air supply outlets need to be matched with high-efficiency filters. In addition to specifications and performance, the filter type is also important. Therefore, before making a selection, we need to conduct a comprehensive assessment based on actual needs and select a suitable high-efficiency air supply outlet. If you need customized high-efficiency air supply outlets, please call us.