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How does the cleanliness efficiency of the air shower room meet the cleanliness level requirements?

How does the cleanliness efficiency of the air shower room meet the cleanliness level requirements?

    The air shower is a necessary passage for people or materials to enter and exit the clean area and plays the role of airlock and purification. It uses a fan to extract the circulating air inside the air shower room. After being filtered and purified by primary and high-efficiency filters, the clean airflow is sprayed from the nozzle to the surface of people and materials at high speed, quickly removing dust particles and bacteria brought by personal clothing or material surfaces. , and absorb and contain the blown dust particles and bacteria in the primary and high-efficiency filters through the circulating airflow.

    It can reduce pollution problems caused by entering and exiting the clean area, and prevent workers from bringing hair, dust, and bacteria into the clean workshop, which is conducive to maintaining a strict dust-free cleanliness level in the workplace and producing high-quality products.

    The air shower room is composed of several major components such as a box body, a stainless steel door, a filter, an air blower, a distribution box, and nozzles.


1. Door closer 2. Indicator light 3. Glass window 4. High-efficiency filter 5. Handle 6. Stainless steel nozzle 7. Primary filter 8. Fan 9. Stainless steel door frame

    Air showers have been widely used in various industrial sectors and scientific laboratories such as electronics, national defense, precision instruments, meters, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, agriculture, biology, etc. General selection supports single-person blowing/double-person Double blowing/single-person double blowing/multi-person multiple blowing and other blowing shower model air showers.

According to the use aspect, the characteristics of the air shower room that are generally concerned about are the following:

1. Automatic control of the entry and exit process reduces the tedious operations of personnel: automatic interlocking, automatic start and stop of air showers, and lighting during personnel entry and exit.

2. The system has voice prompts to help users to understand the machine's status and process progress.

3. The door closer is built-in and has a simple and elegant appearance. Without external installation, there are disadvantages of transportation damage and additional installation on site.

4. Different corner styles and door opening directions can be customized according to different site layouts and personnel entry and exit paths.

5. Stainless steel hand-operated doors, automatic doors or rolling shutter doors can be selected according to different usage requirements.

6. Supports a variety of intelligent induction control methods: face recognition, smart card swiping, password control, foot control, etc., and can customize and configure control components as needed.

    So, what aspects should we pay attention to in terms of the cleanliness and efficiency of the air shower? The following local adjustments may be recommended:

1. Control airflow speed:

    The airflow rate in the air shower room is very important to effectively remove fine dust and maintain a clean environment. According to different needs and application scenarios, adjust the airflow speed in the air shower room, usually between 0.3-0.5 m/s, to achieve the best effect.

2. Optimize design:

    Reasonably design the structure and layout of the air shower to ensure that the airflow can evenly cover the area that needs to be cleaned. Select appropriate air inlet and outlet locations to minimize airflow dead spots and cross-contamination.

3. Regular maintenance and cleaning:

    Regularly inspect and clean air shower filters, fans, and other key components to ensure proper operation and effective filtration. Replace damaged or aging parts promptly to avoid a decrease in efficiency due to equipment failure.

4. Ensure environmental stability:

    Pay attention to the control of environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, etc., to ensure the stability of the air shower room. Too high or too low temperature and humidity may affect the effect, and corresponding control measures need to be taken.

5. Control the import and export frequency:

    Reducing the frequency of entry and exit from the air shower reduces the risk of cross-contamination and improves cleanliness and efficiency. Reasonably arrange the work process to minimize unnecessary entry and exit movements.