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High Heat Resistance HEPA Filters

High Heat Resistance HEPA Filters

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Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: BACCLEAN
Model Number: HF001
Certification: ISO9000

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Large Image:Heat Resistance FilterHigh Heat Resistance HEPA Filters

Detailed Product Description

High temperature filters can withstand a high temperature up to 350 ℃ for a long time, and it can remove away 0.3 micron dust particles away under rated air volume. These filters are made of special components which can ensure the filters to retain their form and function well for a long time at extreme high temperatures. What is more, the filter media has two indentations when bent, so it can be folded into a wedge-shaped pleat at the end of the partition to prevent damage to the filter material. They are widely used in high fire requirements and high temperature environment ventilation system end filter.


  1. Medial material:Glass fiber
  2. Frame material: Aluminum /Stainless steel
  3. Gasket material:Silicone strip(260 ℃)/PTFE strip(350 degree ℃)
  4. Aluminum optional thickness(mm):120/150/220/292
  5. Sealant: Red silicone(260 ℃) / Ceramic glue(350 ℃)
  6. Max operating temperature: 260 ℃,350 ℃
  7. Max operating humidity: 100%
  8. Separator:0.035mm aluminum foil

Product Features

  1. High quality glass fiber paper is folded as filtration material. Metal external frame (galvanized plate or aluminum alloy) is adopted and special high temperature resistance sealant is used to seal all round.
  2. Metal screens are added at both sides ensuring the filtration element from deformation or damage.
  3. Optional temperatures:  260℃ pr 350℃
  4. Internal of high quality glass fiber paper: 4mm, increased filtration area, large dust holding capacity, low resistance and high filtration efficiency.
  5. The whole is beautiful and the structure is solid. Flange edge can be customized according to customer requirements.



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